We are an apparel designing and sourcing service provider for branded fashion retailers. Our apparel designing and sourcing services include (i) design and development which involves (a) offering of our in-house designed collections displayed in our showrooms which our customers can select off-the-shelves, (b) providing tailored design based on customers’ specification and requirements, and (c) offering design ideas and suggestions on product improvements on the preliminary designs provided by our customers; (ii) sourcing of suppliers from our list of  Approved Suppliers which are responsible for the sourcing of raw materials and the production of the apparel products for our customers; (iii) production and logistics management which involves monitoring the manufacturing processes of our Approved Suppliers and arranging delivery of the apparel products to customers; and (iv) quality assurance which involves conducting inspections of the apparel products at different production stages and sample checking by external inspectors.

  Our customers comprise mainly (i) Fashion Retailers, such as Monsoon; and (ii) Online Fashion Retailers, such as ASOS. We directly liaise with our customers and we do not operate through any sourcing agents.